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Creating the new normal of live streaming

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Why Elasticlive?

Modern Live Streaming Infrastructure

And by modern, what do we really mean?


Cost efficiency

ElasticLive plans to disrupt the existing live streaming market with its innovative pricing.
Simply, we are creating the new normal of live streaming ecosystem.

Sub-second Latency

If you are watching what happened 5 seconds ago, is it really real-time? ElasticLive focuses on its one and only goal:
delivering live stream in near real-time.

<1 second

6 lines

Simple & Easy

Anyone can download our SDK and add live streaming feature to their application by writing just 6 lines of code. It also supports every web browser and mobile platform.

Time to get your hands dirty!

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Customer Spotlight

“We were lucky to find RemoteMonster
because they've already done a lot of tests
on the various mobile maneuvers
and network environments.”


“2 weeks is a very short time,
just to design the service and lay out the development process.
Yet we were able to launch in 2 weeks.”


“At first, we didn't even get ten lessons a day,
but now we have almost 5,000 lessons a day.
In this process, ElasticLive has been an excellent help
with monitoring and scaling.”


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