Experience the Ultra Low Latency

There are several living streaming solutions that you can choose from. With all the technical jargons, it can be difficult to pick the perfect solution for your business.Just keep in mind,  the faster the delivery, the better your service is. Elasticive implements WebRTC-based broadcast technology to ensure sub-second latency.

Embracing every standard platform

Your audience and Streamer accesses from a variety of platforms. ElasticLive supports almost any web browser and mobile platform. No plug-ins are required. Web-based elasticLive works the same across almost every platform.

Cool, fun, and interactive

The interactive live streaming service is not resolved by simply sending images well.
A variety of interactive elements must be developed between the viewer and the streamer.
ElasticLive will continue to support a variety of additional elements, including chat, screen effects, and games, as well as video We have built-in chatAPI of Sendbird to support a stable chat environment on-air.

Innovative pricing for your innovative business

As your live streaming service grows, your infrastructure cost grows as well.
We don't want you to feel pressured when you can just be happy with your success!
ElasticLive supports your innovative live streaming business with its innovative pricing.

Unit Price
Competitor A : $0.005/min
Competitor B: $0.006/min
ElasticLive : $0.002/min