Live Streaming, Elastic for Every Industry

With advanced technology, it became easier to take online classes whenever and wherever. Yet ElasticLive believes the best education happens when meeting the right teacher or counselor. Now students can take live lectures and interact with their teachers real-time with ElasticLive.

Many services are already going live with ElasticLive to improve the quality of education services, including 1:1 live lecture, collaborative broadcasting with a large number of students, and fun classes using chat and games.

  • 1:1 virtual private class
  • 1:n virtual classroom
  • Interactive class (chat, textbook, game)
  • Group study

Are you interested in developing a service that maximizes the user experience of meeting someone new? If you want people to make new friends and create meaningful interactions from your service, live streaming is the key.

Let’s go live with ElasticLive. Enjoy our sub-second latency and socialize with new friends.

  • Location based matching
  • Live broadcasting
  • Dual Live broadcasting

Fun and interactive contents are trending. And the trend continues in the broadcasting industry. More and more broadcast are adding gamified features to gain competitiveness.  

ElasticLive is not just providing broadcasting technology. We aim to create a fun broadcasting culture by provides a variety of interactive features such as quizzes, chats, virtual gifts, simple games, and screen effects.

  • Quiz
  • Game
  • Filter
  • Virtual gift
  • E-sports

Maximize conversion rate by creating a unique live shopping experience.  Customers value the shopping experience itself just as much as the product.  

A new type of live auction is available from ElasticLive today. Audiences can participate in auction real-time, ask as many questions as they want and be a smart consumer.

  • Live auction
  • Interactive shopping

Implement video-based chat service with ElasticLive. Users can connect and start a video chat with anyone in the world with zero delays.  

ElasticLive offers a variety of call experiences including 1:1 chat, group video call, screen sharing, and music sharing.

  • Group chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Playlist sharing
  • Conference call